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  1. About us


              Huzhou Siyi Silk Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise, mainly specialized in various silk, cotton and linen jacquard textiles. The company was located in the most energetic economy area in Deqing, and southly adjacent to Hangzhou city and only costs half an hour to city as well. Since it was established in 1983 and during more than twenty years development, we have built up a jacquard arts enterprise with development, production and sales in one silk weave integrated process.

      Our products are manufactured with the advanced flexible loom. Under the strong technology supporting of Zhejiang Silk Academy of Sciences, also doing the manu facturing and quality controlling strictly based on ISO90014 standard, we have become a new product's development base appointed by Zhejiang Kaixiya Silk Group Co.,Ltd.

      Siyi Silk is with a fashionable design and novelty style, and has been able to develop 200 kinds of new products, as well with the yearly production of more than two million meters of various silk, cotton and linen jacquard textiles. With the exquisite technology and excellent quality, we will be your reliable friend.

      Siyi Silk has always perused the belief of "Good Faith, Customers are the upmost", We hereby promise to our clients that we will keep their samples confidential upon requests! Mr Yu Xingxing, our general manager sincerely wish to cooperate with any insight person and build a more beautiful arts of life.

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